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Tracking Expenses

Some do and some don’t. For those that don’t it is highly likely you are burning money here. Tracking this is another critical success factor to increased Gross Profit and subsequent Net Profit. Whether it’s a sub-contractor on a fixed price or your materials’ supplier, are you making sure you are being charged the price you were quoted? At the end of the day, you are relying on them and their systems and not your own.


More than often you or your QS will obtain a quote from a supplier, then add margin, and include this cost plus others in the Tender or Quote Price. If you win the job you kick into gear and someone starts the process of getting the material to site. However we suggest it is difficult for suppliers, running big businesses, to ensure that a quoted cost ends up being charged seamlessly through the job - especially when there are different people ordering at different times from different places. Does your apprentice or the sales person know the cost you should be charged when they are purchasing materials over the counter?


With our solutions we can show you how to tip detailed quote information from suppliers into your system and ensure costs are reconciled against each item, so you can make sure you’re charged what you thought you would be. This also applies to Sub-contractors and other costs as well. In most cases we get an immediate return on investment in this area.



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