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5 TSheets Tips You’ll Wish You Knew All Along

1. My employees sometimes forget to bring their cell phones to the job site. How can I get those employees clocked in quickly, without using a computer?

Download the TSheets Kiosk app and turn on the TSheets Crew function

2. My employees sometimes forget to clock in or out, and I’m drowning in timesheet edit requests. How can I put a stop to this madness?

Avoid drowning in timesheet edit requests by allowing employees to manage their own timesheets

3. My employees just aren’t tracking time, even though I’ve asked them to. How can I get them on board?

Avoid this by making time tracking an official policy. Once it’s official, firmly introduce the policy to your employees

4. My employees have questions about using TSheets. How can I help them figure it out?

Use the TSheets’ five-star Customer Experience team, or call us!

5. My employees are worried the TSheets app will drain their batteries and use too much data. How can I address their concerns?

Squash their fears by showing your employees, step-by-step, how to view data and battery use by app

Find more detailed answers to the questions by visiting the TSheets Blog!

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