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New Dropbox Feature

"Dropbox Pro helps you stay productive on the go —even without internet access"

"When you count on your travel time to be a productive part of your workday, being offline at the wrong time can be a frustrating interruption. Introducing mobile offline folders. This new premium feature lets Dropbox Pro users access up-to-date folders on their phone or tablet—even when they’re off the grid." "To make a folder accessible offline, just open Dropbox while you're connected to the internet, then select Make Available Offline from the menu. Tag an entire folder and all of its contents will automatically sync to your phone or tablet—you no longer need to mark individual files for download." "Dropbox is rolling out mobile offline folders to Android users over the next few days; visit the Play Store to download the updated app. Mobile offline folders will be coming to iOS soon. Visit the help center to learn more."

Original Source - Dropbox Newsletter and

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