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Xero Update - Future dated transactions

Running Balance for the Bank Account Transactions page is now live!

Update from the Xero Blog

How it works

The running balance includes all reconciled transactions, as well as any unreconciled Spend Money and Receive Money transactions. Now you get the full picture of your cash position based on future transactions.

When the balance is greyed out, like the top line in the below image, it indicates the transaction is in the future.

Future dated transactions do not affect your “Balance in Xero”, which always show as at today’s date. However, it is helpful to see what spending is coming up, like a batch payment that is going to be paid in a few days time for example.

Note that the Running Balance will only show when the page is sorted by date (which is the default).

This is a part of a wider piece work on solving Xero’s most queried area; Bank Balances in Xero that do not match their real bank Balances. Watch this space for a smarter way to reconcile.

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