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Can wearable technology transform the construction industry?

"Further fueled by the Internet of Things, wearable technology has become a very big deal. According to analysts at CGS Insights, shipments of smart wearables are estimated to grow from 9.7 million in 2013 to 135 million in 2018. The wearable space has expanded dramatically to include smart hats, shoes, glasses, jewelry watches, helmets, and more.

These accessories carry embedded actuators, biosensors, and gyroscopes to follow movement heart rate, stress level, and countless other metrics. These amazing tiny tech gadgets have developed from fun novelties to industry game changers. Smart gadgets are increasing workplace safety and improving operation efficiency in construction sites across the country."

Learn more about these gadgets by reading the article here

"Historically, the construction industry has been reluctant and slow to adopt new technology. That may no longer be the case according to JB Knowledge’s 2015 Tech Report. The number of construction firms utilizing cloud-based software has more than doubled since 2012."


Attorney, Appel Law Firm LLP

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