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The latest simPRO update

The new multitasking feature in simPRO Service and Enterprise, you can up your productivity and breeze through your everyday work.

Have up to five quotes, jobs, purchase orders and more open in simPRO at any one time, and easily switch between them whenever you need to.

So, if you’re on a roll editing a job and a customer calls to arrange a quote, you don’t have to stop, save and close what you’re doing – you can simply switch to create a new quote, and, when the call is done, go straight back to editing the job.

Manage your tasks better (simPRO Enterprise only)

Multitask – and better manage tasks. With new task filters in simPRO, you can easily see who’s responsible for what task and where each task is at.

Use the ‘Stakeholder’ and the ‘Created by’ filters and be kept in the loop on every task that you’re involved with – without having to check in on your staff.

If you import electrical and data wholesaler MMEM’s catalogue into simPRO, it’s now even easier to keep your material costs accurate and up to date.

No more manually updating price files; set up autosyncing so MMEM’s pricing automatically updates in your system!

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