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WorkflowMax - Invigorated Invoicing Experience

Workflow Max has started announcing a series of updates, the first addressing some pain points based on your feedback. Here is the blog from Workflow Max:

So what’s changed?

A small but significant improvement has been made on the Job and Client screens - when a new invoice or other financial document (from the Job’s Financial Tab) is created, the user will be directed back to the Job or Client in question.

On the Job’s Time Sheet tab, you can now see at a glance which items have been invoiced (Actuals only), and jump to the Invoice immediately.

Some areas of WorkflowMax had inconsistent wording that we’ve updated. Text that used to be called “Invoice” has been renamed “Final Invoice” to make it clearer what this refers to. We’ve also renamed the “Items” setting under Business > Settings and the “Items” heading to “Costs” to keep consistency with the rest of the application.

In Report Builder, we’ve added the ability to display and filter by the invoices’ billing type - Actuals, Quoted or Misc. Currently in WorkflowMax, invoices can be created as quoted or actual time and costs, but there isn’t an easy way to differentiate between the different billing types. In the next release we will include a visible indication of this on the invoice tables to make managing invoicing discrepancies easier.

Finally as a small tweak, we’ve updated the invoice tables in the Invoice Manager and the Client Page to display the newest invoices first instead of last, so you will no longer need to jump to the last page to see that invoice you just created. This will change the default sort order and future work will be done to remember your sort preference.

What’s coming up next?

Following on from this release, in the next stage we plan to improve the UI experience around invoice integration with Xero, and we are working carefully to prioritise the updates based on your feedback.

Source: [Product Update] Invigorating Our Invoicing Experience: Part 1

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