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Xero In: Business success in the construction industry

In this episode of Xero In, co-hosts Rob Stone and JV Douglas are joined by Clinton Cowin, co-founder of TradiePad. Clinton, along with David Robbins, created the TradiePad service to eliminate the amount of paperwork tradies have to get through – and let them run their businesses from an iPad.

Technology, says Clinton, is revolutionising the way tradies do business. It’s a great way to reduce costs, save time and simplify the running of their business.

“More and more people are turning to technology and businesses that haven’t made that leap are a major step behind the businesses that have. Once you see what’s possible – how much easier business can operate; how much more knowledge you have on business operations; and where to invest your money and spend your time – that’s when you look back and you go “I can’t believe I’ve been doing this the hard way for so long.” he explains.

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