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You need information to make informed decisions and there is a heap of it and more than often it’s in the site office, the truck, in one of your staff member pockets, at the suppliers, at the project managers or architects or in your head. No matter where it is or in what form it’s in it needs to be centralised back at the office and reconciled against the right cost centre or code so you can your hard information into knowledge about each job, the whole business, your variances, your retentions, your PAYE, your debtors or your creditors etc etc. To make effective business decisions you need real time reporting about how you are doing and where you are going – without it you are driving a ship without a rudder in the dark.


Getting the information from the field into your administration and financial systems is critical because it needs to be in real time and it has to be accurate. Our proven solutions will help to provide this conduit to transfer this information and it is a critical success factor to increasing and maintaining profitability.


Alongside all of this our solutions provide a robust, easy to use Variance system to ensure you don’t do any work you haven’t quoted for and that when there is an unforeseen or change to the job we can detect it easily and submit quotes including P&G and margin and have it approved before we start. Additionally, we tag all costs with a Purchase Order number so you know that the cost is being allocated to the right place.



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